Helpless Children

Helping to better the lives of Helpless Children





Off the beaten tourist path in a Mexican city known for its white sand beaches and luxurious resorts lays a mountainous dump - the source of income for poor families living in the communities surrounding it.

Every day, as trucks bring loads of discarded items from area hotels, dozens of families await their chance to tear open and search through the bulging garbage bags, fighting buzzards and seagulls for bits of food, clothing and other salvageable materials.

When picturing a spring holiday in sunny Puerto Vallarta, few people imagine spending their time atop an 80-foot pile of refuse. But for me, a recent visit to the Mexican dump was an eye-opening and "inspiring" opportunity to help children and families less fortunate than ourselves.

After visiting the dump, we took $100 USD to the store to purchase soap, tooth brushes, school supplies and water to bring to some of the Missions surrounding the dump. Though it may not seem like much to us, the money was enough to purchase supplies for many children.

Even with homes made from dirty mattresses and fences of rusty bed springs, the people in the small communities remain positive and friendly.

Initially we were concerned with helping the children living in the dump go to school with clothing, a shower and supplies. Then we were concerned with helping the children in the school with their concentration and learning, so we want to give them a healthy breakfast as they entered the school.  



'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day  teach a Child to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime'

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