Helpless Children

Helping to better the lives of Helpless Children

To bring Children Love in their Hearts, Peace in their Minds and God to their Souls


Please unite with others all across the World to DONATE $1.00 TODAY, which by itself will do nothing, but together can change the lives of children starting with THE HELPLESS CHILDREN of the DUMP in Mexico.  Your giving spirit united with the same spirit of others will bring about a significant change in the lives of so many CHILDREN.

Please send this message to everyone you know, and even if you can't contribute, then every morning please unite with us and remember to pray for the CHILDREN as you get out of the bed to start your day.

To make your contribution you may pay on line through a secure and identity protected PayPal account.  Please message me your support via the Contact Us Tab above, if you can’t contribute in any other way keep the CHILDREN in your prayers. 

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